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We specialize in video production and photography, and do all kinds of event works. The ever-growing team of Shot Productions is always looking to push the envelope creatively and express themselves.

We specialize in feature or profile videos for organizations, events, and people. Our professional team of videographers offers you choices of style to match your vision. Except wedding, we also provide high-quality, attention-catching video production services that are designed to help our clients to achieve their business goals. 


Our team of experienced photographers and videographers are ready and eager to meet any of your multimedia needs.


My name is Norman Lau, creator and founder of Shot Productions.   I have always had a fascination for taking pictures and shooting video. I was known as the person with all the newest gadgets and using them to the fullest.  So for decades it was a personal passion that I really enjoyed doing.  

Then in 2011, I upgraded to my first DSLR camera &  Apple computer.  Once I learned the basic operations of the camera, I decide to film a friends wedding for fun & cut a little edit.  It took me countless hours and days as I was learning the editing program, but it was so rewarding and gave me a great feeling of accomplishment.   I never told the the Bride and Groom I was going to give them anything. So when I loaded the video on youtube and sent it to them it was a very nice surprise.  In return, I was equally as surprised as I received lots of positive feedback and an immediate response to film a future wedding.  I didn't know what to say as i have never actually shot a wedding before, at least not for hire.  Knowing that I am documenting one of the most important days in peoples lives was scary and awesome, all at the same time.  Once I gathered myself, I made the commitment and accepted the offer.  I went on to personally shoot 15 weddings through direct referrals and decided that that I needed to establish a business for something I love.... And now... That is how Shot Productions was born.

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